Lakeland Biologists is your largest local Wisconsin Pond Specialty Store, which includes 2,400 square feet of aquatic greenhouse for all your pond, plant and fish needs. Our store staff can help assist you with any pond related needs.
We carry most major brands, including our own all-natural water treatment products that have been tested and perfected over the past 12 years.

Some of the products we carry include:

  • Plumbing Accessories

  • Fish Food

  • Water Pumps

  • UV Sterilizers

  • Pond Liners

  • Repair Kits

  • ....and more​

  • Water Garden Pond Kits

  • Pond-less Waterfall Systems

  • Filters & Replacement Parts

  • Underwater LED Pond Lighting

  • Water Treatment Products

  • Formal Fountains

Lakeland Biologists


405 Travis Lane

Waukesha, WI 53189

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