Lakeland Biologists has been servicing area water features since 2006. We service water gardens, koi ponds, formal water features, waterfall systems and more.

Spring Clean-Outs

If you want your water feature to look it’s best each season and require minimal maintenance, we recommend performing a spring clean out. Clean outs can be a lot of work. If you are not up for the task, our staff can perform the clean out for you.


  • Free initial consultation and design

  • Experts in design for continuous seasonal low maintenance features

  • Close communication with customer through entire process

  • Latest products and install techniques

  • One stop retail shop with all your needs.

  • Maintenance service available

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Seasonal Maintenance Service

We offer once or twice a month maintenance service from April through October. The maintenance service is custom designed to meet your specific water feature needs. We work one-on-one with each customer to design the maintenance service.


  • Apply products

  • Remove debris and clean filters

  • Inspect, maintain and repair any equipment

  • Assess fish and plant health

  • Trim vegetation (if necessary)

Fall Shutdown Service

Our staff will get your water feature ready for winter with a proper shut down.


  • Cut back dead plant material

  • Remove large debris

  • Remove and store customers equipment

  • Install winter equipment

  • Perform any necessary repairs before winter

Repair Service

Is your water feature in need of repair? Lakeland Biologists has successfully repaired many water features over the years. Our team has the experience and knowledge to repair most water features. We offer competitive rates and are well known for succeeding were other companies fail to find leaks and perform the repair.

Remodeling Service

Sometimes a water feature just needs to be updated to bring back the excitement and enjoyment.  There have been major improvements to water features over the past 10 years.  New equipment, design elements and products allow ponds to be less maintenance and more enjoyable than ever.  Does your water feature have an older look to it?  Using old high maintenance equipment?  We can remodel your existing feature to provide an updated look and with modern low maintenance equipment installed.