Benefits of Managing the Shoreline:

  • Creates buffer zone and reduces nutrient loaded runoff entering the water body

  • Stabilizes soils and reduces erosion

  • Reduces nutrients in the water available for nuisance algae and submerged weeds

  • Added plant diversity on the shoreline will reduce invasion of exotic plants

  • Select beneficial vegetation can reduce nuisance geese numbers

  • Adds beauty

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Types of Shoreline Restoration with Lakeland Biologists:

  • Native aquatic planting at or near the waters edge

  • Prairie seeding or plug planting around shoreline

  • Rip rap rock installation to stabilize area

Is your shoreline lacking vegetation? Does it have erosion problems? These problems can have serious impacts on the lake or pond. Lakeland Biologists provides complete shoreline restoration services. A healthy stable shoreline is an important part of the aquatic ecosystem. and can reduce long term management costs.

Lakeland Biologists recommends using native plants around a pond or lake. Other options include rock along the shoreline, often called rip rap, or a combination of rocks and plants. Rip rap works well to stabilize the waters edge and prevent erosion but this can also be done in combination with plants. The plants will reduce phosphorus and other nutrients entering the pond or lake.

Lakeland Biologists provides the following services for shoreline restoration:

  • On-site consultation

  • Planning and design

  • Permitting

  • Large selection of native aquatic emergent plants available

  • Complete installation


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