• Reid Turowski

Spring Maintenance for Pond and Lake Aeration Systems

Every Spring, we recommend performing maintenance on your pond or lake aeration system. Below are facts to consider why it’s important to properly maintain your aeration system.

  1. Maximize the amount of air the water body is receiving. Since you are paying for electric to operate the system, you should want the system running optimally and provide as much oxygen as possible for the best results.

  2. Extend the life of your diffusers

  3. Reduce excessive wear on the compressor

An inefficient air system may not be providing the results you expect. Algae and invasive weed growth may even increase if your system is not functioning efficiently. Yearly maintenance is a recommended proactive approach to making sure your air system is providing maximum aeration.

As the diffusers operate through the year, calcium deposits form on the diffusers due to naturally hard water in Wisconsin. Calcium forms because of oxygen meeting water. Calcium deposits over time will result in less oxygen transfer and eventually failure for the diffuser to provide the correct oxygen transfer. Maintaining the diffusers will extend the life of the diffusers and prevent calcium build up. Another important reason to clean the diffusers each year is to minimize back pressure to the compressor. Air system compressors work hard enough as it is running 24/7 providing oxygen to the pond or lake bottom. If diffusers are becoming plugged up with calcium, there is increased back pressure and the compressor works harder. This can cause the compressor to run hotter, need a rebuild sooner or even complete unrepairable failure of the compressor. Lakeland Biologists offers spring air system maintenance service. For years, our service has proven to keep systems running efficiently and reduce overall long term maintenance costs including minimize repairs.

If you're looking for any assistance with your aeration system this Spring, Lakeland Biologists would love to help. Contact us for more information.

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