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Benefits of an Aeration System

An aeration system can bring new life to your pond. An air system is ideal for large ponds that require electric setup. Electric air systems can run constantly witout interruptions. These systems can work all year long, including winter.

1.) Pond odor can be decreased when using an electric air system. The main cause of a bad smell in your pond is the amount of decaying debris and much that collects within your pond. An aertaion system helps circulate the water column, decreasing the amount of muck settline on the bottom of your pond.

2.) Algae blooms are unsightly and unhealthy for your pond. Electric air systems can help balance the algae levels in your pond.

3.) Electric air systems help increase the amount of oxygen in the water. Fish and other aquatic animals need oxygen in the pond to stay healthy. Air is pushed through the airline and come out of the diffuser at the bottom of your pond, delivering oxygen directly to the water column.

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