Water Circulators

Water Circulators

Adding water movement can help solve some pond and lake problems. Movement can improve water quality and clarity. It can also reduce some species of aquatic plants and algae. Several types of installations are available including float mount, underwater mount or dock mount. Units are available in 110V or 220V with 25 ft to 200 ft of cable.

Improved water movement helps:

  • Reduce stagnant areas

  • Reduce surface algae, plants and debris

  • Improve water clarity and quality

  • Reduce odors

Install mounting options:

  • Standard dock mount

  • Oscillating mount to dock

  • Underwater mount (unit hidden)

  • Float mount

Winter De-Icers

De-Icers keep ice from forming and damaging docks, piers or other structures in ponds and lakes during winter. They also can be used to keep open water for wildlife or to prevent winter fish kills by allowing water bodies to vent. De-Icers can be used year around to further improve your water body. Units are available in 110v or 220v with 25 ft to 200 ft of cable.


Lakeland Biologists is available to help you determine if a water circulator or de-icer will benefit your water body and what type of installation is best.

Floating Pond Water Circulator