Pond and Lake Calculator

Acreage Calculation

For acreage of a square or rectangle, multiply the Length (in feet) by Width (in feet) = Square Footage. Then divide Square Footage by 43,560 (amount of square feet in 1 acre) = Acreage.

Example: I have a rectangular pond that is 100' long by 50' wide. 100' x 50' = 5,000 square feet. Then 5,000 / 43,560 = 0.11 acres


For acreage of a circular area, multiply the Length (in feet) by Width (in feet) = Square Footage. Then multiply Square footage by 0.8 = Adjusted Square Footage. Finally divide your Adjusted Square Footage by 43,560 = Acreage (of circle).


Example: I have a circular pond that is 100' long by 100' wide. 100' x 100' = 10,000 square feet. Then 10,000 x 0.8 = 8,000 adjusted square feet. Finally, 8,000 / 43,560 = 0.18 acres

Volume Calculation

For acres per foot, multiply the Acreage by the Average Depth (in feet) = Acre/feet

Example: I have a 1.25 acre pond with a 6' average depth. 1.25 x 6' = 7.5 acre/feet.


For gallons, multiply acre-feet by 325,829 (gallons in 1 acre - foot) = Gallons.

Example: I have 7.5 acre-feet of water. 7.5 x 325,829 = 2,443,717 gallons.

Conversion Calculator

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Circular Waterbody

Rectangular Waterbody

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