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Wisconsin Permit Applications

Wisconsin DATCP Fish Farm Registration Application - renewed annually

Livestock Premises application and instructions - this application must accompany the fish farm registration above.  This application is also renewed annually.

WDNR Aquatic Plant Control Application - In Wisconsin, all waters need to be permitted before any algaecide or herbicide treatment can be performed.

WDNR Fish Stocking Application - online application intended for ponds not registered as DATCP Fish Farm.

WDNR Aquatic Herbicide Treatment Record - WDNR requires this form to be filled out and submitted within 30 days after each pond or lake treatment.

WDNR Large Scale Aquatic Plant Treatment Worksheet - If a waterbody is public and the treatment area will exceed 10 acres, this worksheet must accompany the WDNR aquatic plant control application.


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