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Lake and Pond FAQ

Why does my pond have algae and/or weed problems and my neighbors pond doesn't?
Every pond is different. It's common to have two ponds only a hundred feet apart but require completely different management. The quality of water depends upon many characteristics such as amount of runoff and nutrients entering the pond, outflow or not, location, depth, etc. No two ponds are completely alike.

How can I control or treat algae and weeds?
There are multiple methods to control aquatic vegetation. Mechanical, physical, biological and the use of algaecides or aquatic herbicides are all effective methods to control weeds and algae. Our Biologists will assist you in determining which is the most effective environmentally safe approach for your project.

Will aeration control my algae and weeds?
A properly designed air system for a specific pond or lake will not control algae and weeds directly. Aeration is an effective way to reduce organic sediment on the bottom. By oxygenating the bottom sediment area, microscopic animals can survive and naturally reduce the amount of sediment present by using it as a food source. With a reduction of organic sediment, the available food for algae and plants is reduced. If aeration is used properly, it should reduce the amount of nutrients thereby reduce the amount of algae and plant growth. Other variables can affect this outcome such as amount of nutrient loading such as runoff.

Can I purchase algaecides and aquatic herbicides from you?
Yes, Lakeland Biologists is licensed with the state of Wisconsin to sell pesticides - algaecides and herbicides. We also offer our expertise and assistance when choosing the right product for the job and what will be the most environmentally safe.

Do you sell fish to stock ponds and lakes?
Yes, we offer our fish stocking service every spring and fall. Please see our fish stocking page under lake and pond for more information. Lakeland Biologists is a licensed Type 1 Wisconsin Fish Farm.

How much will it cost to treat my pond or lake?
Every water body is different and may require a different technique or management plan for effective results. It's best to contact one of our staff Biologists and arrange a time to have them meet with you onsite. This is a FREE consultation. We can meet with you to discuss your concerns, identify the aquatic vegetation and record other observations.


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