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Harmony Dry Summer Blend Bacteria

Dry Formula stores well and lasts longer
Performs optimal in water under 65 degrees
Clarifies water and Reduces sludge
Balances pond by Consuming nutrients

Harmony Dry Bacteria formula is a highly concentrated blend of cold-loving microorganisms, probiotic components, and fast acting enzymes. This product is a blend of 23 essential vitamins, catalyzing enzymes and select biological species at exponential activity levels. It’s one of our most potent blends that accelerate the degrading process of organic matter in cold water.

This productis safe for all aquatic plants, fish, and pets when used as directed

Utilize natural products that not only focus on improving water clarity, but also focus on enhancing water quality. Harmony water treatments provide a strong biological balanced ecosystem boosting aponds immunity that is necessary for healthy aquatic life.

Dosage Rate – Small Ponds
Size of pond: Initial Application Maintenance Dose
Per 1000 gallonsSpring Once per week until water temps are above 65 degrees
2 Tbsp. 1 Tbsp.

Dosage Rate – Large Ponds
Per surface acre Initial Application Biweekly Maintenance Dose
8’-10’ deep 3lb. 1lb. Biweekly

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