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Harmony Pond Minerals

Re-establishes a ponds mineral balance as it detoxifies giving koi more vibrant colors.
Reduces phosphorus and ammonia
Increases overall health of a ponds ecosystem replenishing lost vital elements


Minerals is not only excellent for providing cleaner, healthier water, it also provides essential elements which Koi require. In fact, Koi require more calcium than most animals. Calcium is a vital mineral for structural support such as bone and teeth, and it is a catalyst in various enzyme systems and metabolic pathways. Essential growth and health is maintained with the presence of natural minerals being available. Stimulates biological activity, reduces phosphates, and improves water clarity.
Minerals replenish vital elements needed by beneficial microorganisms and increase the overall health of the water garden and bring it into balance. This reduces excess nutrients and toxins improving water quality, fish health and color.


Utilize natural products that not only focus on improving water clarity, but also focus on enhancing water quality. Harmony water treatments provide a strong biological balanced ecosystem boosting a ponds immunity that is necessary for healthy aquatic life.

Dosage Rate Initial: Mix 2 tbsp. into 1 gallon of pond water and disperse evenly
(Per 500 gallons of water
L x W x Avg. depth x 7.48 = gallons) Weekly: Mix 2 tbsp. into 1 gallon of pond water and disperse evenly
For Optimum Results
• Dilute and use as directed
• Always disperse product evenly over water surface to ensure a thorough mix throughout the water body
• Apply when ambient temperature is 50o – 90o F; dissolved oxygen level is over 1.0 ppm; ph is 6-8; alkalinity is less than 100 ppm
• Use with other Harmony Water Treatment products for a full ornamental treatment program
• Proper aeration or circulation will enhance product performance
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