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Algae and weed prevention

General Information and Useful Links

WI-DNR Aquatic Plant Control Information -Regulation pertaining to ponds in Wisconsin.

Aquatic Plant Management - Chapter NR107 - The Wisconsin law established for management of aquatic plants.

WI-DNR Pond Construction Information - Wis. State Law requires a person to obtain a permit if they plan to construct, dredge, or enlarge a pond or artificial waterbody, or any part of either that is connected to a waterway, located within 500 ft of a waterway or constructed within a wetland.

WI Pesticide Pollutant Discharge Permits

Wisconsin Fishing Regulations

Wisconsin Lake Maps - Search for lakes by county.  Details of lakes include acreage, depth contours, lake bottom types.

Wisconsin Invasive Species - Information about invasive species.


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