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Have you ever wished you could come home to a nice relaxing water garden to forget about the stress of every day and just watch your pet koi?  Maybe you have an old water feature that needs a remodeling or want to design a larger water garden.  Lakeland Biologists enjoys designing and working with all water features.  It's what we do!

  • Water Gardens
  • Koi Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Wildlife Habitat and Ponds
  • Bubbling Rock and Statuary Water Features

Why would you chose anyone other than the experts?  Not only do we install custom water features to meet your budget and dreams but we also provide a maintenance service if you want the feature but can't find the time to care for it.

What sets us apart from other install companies?

Since we are Degreed Biologists, we specifically design ponds to be low maintenance.  We carefully use plants, fish and even the rocks to finish a pond that will be low maintenance yet provide outstanding beauty to any landscape. 

The first step toward having your new water feature is to schedule an in home appointment with one of our staff.   We will meet with you to discuss how the feature will suite your needs whether it's a water garden, pondless waterfall, koi pond, or other.  Also we will help you chose the best location and explain what you can expect for long term maintenance.

Lakeland Biologists designed water gardens are balanced aquatic ecosystems.  The designed water garden in combination with our all natural Harmony Water Treatments equals a beautiful pond all season long with minimal maintenance.  It is not uncommon for our ponds to require less than 5 minutes of maintenance time a week.

Another benefit of working with Lakeland Biologists is our convenient retail store and knowledgeable staff for choosing the right products for your water garden.

Ready to get started?  Call or email us. We can provide information about general designs, costs, and options for your water garden.  

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