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Aeration Systems

Lakeland Biologists offers complete package air systems for do-it-yourself pond and lake owners or we can custom size an air system to specifically meet your needs.  Our Degreed Biologists will perform a free onsite consultation with you to discuss air system benefits and determine if it will be an effective management tool for your water body.  

Most often, our customers choose to have us custom design and install an air system.  Our custom air systems provide maximum benefits to the pond or lake because they are designed and sized for the specific water body.  

Why purchase an air system from Lakeland Biologists?

  • competitive pricing - we will beat all competitors pricing for comparable systems.
  • low installation costs - our service crews minimize installation time to keep costs low.
  • high efficiency diffusers - maximizes the amount of air benefits, reduced back pressure to pumps.
  • we design an air system for you that will use as little of power as possible while still providing enough air to the pond.
  • free onsite consultations.
  • reliable service team for maintenance or other.


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